Weight Watchers

Hi, I'm an enamelist, jewelry designer and beader who is a Weigth Watchers nut. I'm a WW Life Time Member and still watch my points every day after many years. These pages have my favorite foods and snacks, all low point. Enjoy!

NOTE: I have not converted these pages to Points Plus. The foods are still low point, but you will have to recalculate them current values. I hope to convert soon, so watch for the x PP instead of x pt to know which is which.

Below is a list of Low Point packaged foods as per the Weight Watchers diet. If you know of some great low point foods, please contact me as I'm always looking. If I love them, too, I'll put them on my list.

Click here for some RECIPES that my friends and family enjoy. Some I made up and some I got from other places.

Check out this website for Smart Ones. It gives you the ability to select a type of food and a point range and will tell you which proucts they have that match your selection.


In response to an email to me: add 1 c. of frozen or fresh steamed vegetables to any frozen meal to increase the amount you're eating without adding points. Also consider doing this with any soup you are eating (especially if going out for Chinese food - get eggdrop soup and a side oder of steamed veggies - eat together for a low point meal!).

Where to buy:

Want to try a food listed below without buying an entire box? Check out this site:
Linda's Diet Delites diet food - provides an enormous variety of unique, hard to find, point friendly foods that are sure to satisfy your cravings.

Low Point Packaged Foods:
Low Point Packaged Snacks:

4 Old London, sesame, Melba toast rectangles and 1 Tbsp of Whipped Chive cream cheese – 2 pts. (1 pt each).

Flatout wraps - the Light Italian Herb is wonderful and only 1 pt for the entire large wrap. Makes for a good Pizza or sandwich.

Alouette Light - spreadable cheese - 1 pt for 2 Tbsp. Try this on the melba toast.

Fleur de Fait - spreadable cheese - 1 pt for 2 Tbsp. Try this on the melba toast.

Vita Muffins - 1 pt muffins that are to die for - Chocolate, Cranbran (my favorite) and more. Check frozen foods department. Check their website for more products.

MorningStar Spicy Black Bean Burgers – 3 pts. Cooks in 1 minute in the microwave. You can eat this as a taco for 4 pts: Melt 1 oz of veggie cheddar cheese on a corn tortilla, Put heated burger on tortilla and add salsa as desired. Very good, VERY fast. MorningStar makes other burgers, but I love these and note that not all of them are 2 pts. Garden Burger makes a SouthWest burger that is similar, but not as spicy.

Dr. Praeger's Sensible Foods - Delicious vegetarian bugers in a few different flavors - 2 pts each but check the label. Also, they make Pizza Bagles, 2 pts for 1/2 bagle slice - very good.

Veggie Patch nuggets, either spinach or "chicken" or broccoli – 1 pt each. I eat them with 1 tsp of horseradish sauce for another 1 pt.

Veggie Shreds "Cheese" – 1 pt per ounce. Get them at Mr. Z's or Shoprite or a Super Stop and Shop or the Grand Union in Milford (not Westfall) – try mozzarella and cheddar. Get the shredded kind, not the slices. Also try the grated parmesan flavor in a jar. When this is melted, it tastes close to the real thing. If you use the mozzarella flavor instead of low fat variety in the WW Eggplant Parmesan, it makes each serving 2 pts instead of 3.

Snapple - Diet Peach. No pts for 16 oz.

Atheno hummas with eggplant – 1 pt per 2 Tbsp. All other flavors of hummas are 2 pts per serving. 2 Tbsp is enough for a small sandwich. Check the points on other brands as they are not all the same.

Arnold Bakery Lite bread – Oatmeal and Seven Grain. 1/2 pt per slice.

Use low fat yogurt as a substitution for mayonnaise

Laughing Cow Lite cheese wedge - (1 point). Try spreading on a WW English Muffin (1 pt). tip given by MFH

When eating an omelet, use egg whites instead of whole eggs. In a 3 egg omelet, you save 5 pts! Try a Mediterranean Omelet with egg whites - it has feta cheese, tomatoes and onions in it.

Key Lime Products - Terrific sauces and condiments, many (but beware - not all) with very low pts. I've tried: Key Lime Mango Chutney (1 Tbsp is 0 pts), Key Lime Artichoke Parmesan Tapenade (1 Tbsp. is 1 pt).

Delicae Gourmet - Key Lime Cocktail Dipping Sauce - 1 Tbsp. is 0 pts.

Yoplait Light Smoothies - only 1 pt!

Thomas Muffins - 100 cal. type

Justus Foods - Healthy Snacks, freeze dried apples (1 pt / bag) and strawberries (0 pts / bag). I love the apple with cinnamon.

Miss Meringue cookies – 1/2 pt each.
Get them at Mr. Z's or Shoprite or a Super Stop and Shop. I don't think the vanilla have any taste, but the other flavors are very good, especially the cappuccino and lemon and chocolate. The sugar free ones have a totally different texture and are so-so.

Weight Watchers Giant Chocolate or Latte Bars – only 1 point!  These are like mousse bars. These are my favorite - I have one every day. These used to be Smart Ones.

French Twists by Barry's Bakery. Many flavors to choose from. My favorite is the Wild RAspberry. All 1 pt per stick.

Tropicana Swirls - 1 pt bars. They come in orange and raspberry. Excellent.

Weight Watchers - Chocolate, Carrot and Lemon cakes - 1 pt each. small, but delicious.

Kudo's snickers and M&M flavors – 2 pts each. Look for them in the granola bar area of the grocery.

Glucerna bars – Cranberry Orange or Lemon flavors - 2 pts each. I've gotten them at Wal*Mart Pharmacy, but they are probably in most pharmacies as they are for diabetics.

Glenny's Soy Crisps – cheddar, onion/garlic or BBQ flavors –1 pt per serving, but they come in 2 serving bags. Get at most Health Food Stores.

Star Bucks low-fat frappachino bars (frozen) – 2 pts each

Skinny Cows – either fudge bars or sandwiches – 2 pts each. Sandwiches come in mint, chocolate, coffee, strawberry, strawberry shortcake and vanilla.

Quaker Chewy Trail Mix bars – cranberry raisin and almond – 3 pts each. If you like trail mix, try this, it tastes like the real thing.

Quaker Flavored Rice Cakes - 1 pt each for large, check for small. The cheddar and other flavors are very good.

Cinnamon (Low-Fat) Graham Cracker (1 rectangle) and 2 Tbsp. No-Fat Cool Whip – 1 pt. If you've tried this, but not with the cinnamon, try the cinnamon – the crunchy taste of it is wonderful with the coolwhip.

St. Claire's Organic Sweets – 10 pieces is still 0 points. Get at a health food store – these are small tabs in flavors like Licorice, Ginger, Lemon, etc. no artificial sweeteners.

Luna Bars - C. Roche tells me these are great and only 3 pts each. She also loves all things Kashi and their Go Lean Crunch and Go Lean Hot cereals are only 2 pts for 1 c. each.

Nabisco - has a number of products in its 100-calorie line, including versions of Oreos, Chips Ahoy, Cheese Nips and Wheat Thins (2 pts per bag). Some of these are good with Fat Free Cool Whip!