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JewelsI'm Karen L. Cohen, an enamelist, beader, embroiderer and author with over 35 years experience creating my various pieces - jewelry, buttons and much more. I started iwth cloisonne enamel and then progressed to other forms of enameling making boxes, flatware serving pieces, wall pieces and sculpture, some with wearable parts. In 2002 I wrote a book on enameling, The Art of Fine Enameling. My workBeaded Mask changed again when I fell in love with bead embroidery and then silk ribbon embroidery, and now I'm also creating crazy quilts and using machine and hand thread embroidery. What's next? Only the universe knows. But I do use these skills to create many different types of pieces, including dolls.


Basic Table of contents:

  • I'm currently showing my work at the Silver Star Gallery at 315 Broad St, Milford PA 18337
  • Studio Buttons: Buttons in fabric (beaded), enamels and metal for button collectors
  • YouTube Channel: My daughter and grandson have started a YouTube channel - The Finnegan Clan. These videos are about characters and their snacks. Judith writes the stories, Liam creates the drawings. When the story is done, they go into the kitchen to make the snack, giving the recipe for this kid-friendly foods. Great way to bond with your children! Judith has her BS from The Culinary Institute of America and started college as a writer. Check these out - one day they may become a book!
  • Artwork Index: on-line artwork
  • Teaching: I teach both enameling and beading at the John C. Campbell Folk School - like a kids camp but for adults; I usually teach in late March or early April. Here is more info.
  • Bead Knowledge Center: Bead Info for those of you that are in-love with beads, here's all the scoop.
  • Enamel Education: Do you know what enamel is? Would you like to read about the various types of enamelling, like cloisonne, plique-a-jour, champleve, basse taille and more? It's really amazing how many different enameling techniques exist. I only use vitreous enamels, mainly leaded colors. I specialize in cloisonne, but also work in other techniques and in non-leaded liquid crackle enamels.
  • Artist Trading Cards (ATC/ACEO) - current and from a challenge
  • Weigth WatchersHeathly Eating: I'm interested in healthy eating and have some low fat Weight Watcher type recipes on my site.
  • Working with others: I work with other jewelers to create their designs where they need enamels, but are not enamelists themselves. And I have a set of un-set jewels for anyone topurchase - some are doll faces. book cover
  • Book - The Art of Fine Enameling: the 2nd Edition - shipping to wholesalers now, and is now available for pre-order; reviews have been great - read more about it here. Note: my first book was published in 2002, had 2 printings and is now out of print.
  • Synthetic Plastics Corporation - my family business plastic company where in their line of buttons there was a Karen Button named after me.
  • Great Clothing: I have a friend that sells the most wonderful clothing. If you want to order any of these, just email Suzy.

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