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Bead Journal Project
Round Peg In A Square Hole

2010 - November - Sgraffito Using The Positive Image

This is the 11th piece of this BJP. In addition to the enamel, I have used glass beads, silk ribbon (dyed by me) to make the dragonflies, embroidery thread, scrapbooking metal brads, Swaroski Cyrstal sequins, a hand made paper bead (by Louisa Kim), a shell butterfly and pewter beads. The fringe is called corkscrew fringe.

Round Peg in a Square Hole... enamel was created using the Sgraffito technique, utilizing the postive image. Sgraffito is when one scratches away raw enamel (before it's fired). In this case, what was scratched away were the lines that defined the design; what was left (the positive image) was then wet packed with color. I used both unleaded and leaded enamels and fine silver wires on top. Note that my January piece was also Sgraffito, but it used the negative image.

BJP Nov 2010

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