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Bead Journal Project
Round Peg In A Square Hole

2010 - October - Break Through Enameling

This is the 10th piece of this BJP. In addition to the enamel, I have used glass beads, silk ribbon, silk thread, pewter, copper coated wire and rubber donuts.

Round Peg in a Square Hole... - enamel is the Break-through (also called pulled-through) technique on 1.5" copper domed disk using unleaded enamels with leaded enamel lumps. Break-through is a technique where the underlying enamel is softer than the top enamel so that when they are fired together, the softer layer breaks through the surface of the harder enamel and the two form a marbeled effect. Actually, for me, this was originally an error (I hadn't realized that the undercoat was so soft). But after reproducing it, I now use it as a technique, as others do, too. As my art teacher friend, Carol Anne, says... Oops Perfect!

Roll your mouse over the image to see a close up of the enamel.

October BJP with Break Through enameling


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