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Thank you for visiting my page for my updated enameling book. The publication date is Nov 2019, published by Stockpole Books and Globe Pequot Press. The first book was published over 15 years ago and much has changed in the field since then, and we have all learned so much since. This version will reflect these changes. In addition, I have reorganized the book, about 1/2 the projects are exchanged, variations to the projects are provided, galleries are organized by technique, and there are more learning experiences in mini-projects through out.

Right now I am making a call for photos for inclusion in the book. To this end, I will give a set of guidelines for submitting photos. Please follow these as it will make it easier for me to deal with all the email I will be getting.

#1 - this page will be updated, possibly daily, as I work on the general material and I collect the photos that I need. So visit periodically to see if there is anything new on the list that reflects your work.

#2 - I will need a signed permission form (sent back via email or regular mail). I will NOT look at any of your photos if you don't send me the permission form with your 1st submission (you can tell me it's being sent in the mail and that is ok). I have too much work to decide on a photo and then try to get the form signed.

#3 Note: If you email me and do not hear back from me within 2 days, it means I didn't see your email so please call (845-597-8386) me to discuss.

#4 I’d like a piece that you love, but also one that you feel has something different about it. And preferably one that has not yet been published. But per the publisher, no nudes (front or back) or bare breasts. I know it’s art, but this is the same as last time. I'm also looking for enameled pieces that are different than the norm - like a kaleidoscope or spoon.

#5 Unfortunately, having your piece published will be just that - having your piece published. The pubisher will not give a free copy of the book for doing this. I have been asked by a few people about this so I wanted to make sure you understand this upfront. I understand it woud be nice to get a free copy, but it's not my choice.

#6 As I will be adding you to my address book, please send me a selfie so I can store that with your record.

#7 Most likely I will have questions on the piece(s) that you submit. This is because I am trying to fit them into either a technique gallery or to show an example of something that I have written about. This is all about learning and I want to make sure that readers know what they are looking at. PLEASE respond quickly to my inquiries as I have a lot of work to do and I need to get the work completed with your photos so I can go on to something else. If too much time elapses between when I write to you and when you respond, I lose my train of thought, or someone else's photo came in for the same technqiue, and i will not be able to include you.

#8 You can submit photos for any technique you are working with, but the specific techniques I'm currently looking for follow. This list is constantly changing. Remember, I am organizing pieces by technique so I need to know the technique you used and something about your process. If it's a new process, I might ask if you want to do a mini-project on it for the book and that would come with getting a free copy of the book. So if you do something different, please tell me so i can evaluate if I can include it.

  • 3D vessels, done in sections as per Sarah Perkins method of enameling 1/3 of the vessel at a time.
  • Decals
  • Flower wafers used in a design
  • Ginbari - high and low relief, with or without Cloisonne or Limoges on top
  • Impasto
  • Limoges, traditional painting with enamel
  • Metal Clay, any metal, but mainly silver
  • Metal Clay - plque-a-jour piece
  • Reflector glass embedded in the enamel
  • Use of Aluminum Foil

How to send photos for review.

I really need you to follow these guidelines because I am getting so many emails that I need to be able to sort them in various ways and this will help me do it. If you make a mistake in format, no biggie, but these will help me with all the emails I’m getting.

  • Submissions due by Sept 15, 2018
  • Send photos for one piece per email (if you have two views, send them in the same email).
  • The photo should be at least 300dpi with print size of at least 3-4” in the shortest direction. But please do not resize your images smaller to get to this - this is a minimum, not the best to send - send the biggest you have and my publisher will adjust for what they need. Photos from, say an iPhone, are usually good if they take up most of the frame and have a pleasing background.
  • With each, I’ll need title, if there is one, description (including technique(s) used and type of enamel - leaded or unleaded, size, all materials used, etc) and photo credit. Also, please tell me if your submission is for something listed above. Note: most, if not all, photos will be organized by technique so when you submit a photo, please be sure to include info on how you did your piece so I know where it might go.
  • The subject of the email should include the enameling technique of the piece. If it’s general, just put general. Use format of “Enamel technique of xxx” where the technique is the xxx. This will allow me to search my spam folder for enamels.
  • If you are sending a photo for someone else, include their name in the subject, too.
  • Whenever sending me another email about a particular piece, please send a pix of that piece with the email, even if it’s a small version. I am looking at hundreds of pieces and cannot remember all of them, even those from one person. Thanks for understanding.
  • Remember to send me a copy of the permission form - one for all photos is sufficient. And send it with the first submission. I cannot be taking time to look at photos that I don't have permission to get published.

If you have trouble sending photos via email, try using this site which is free and works really well: If you are using then all files can be transferred at one time, but use the name of the file you transferred as the subject of your email when you send me the description so I can coordinate the two. Or if you are sending multiple images through, then send me one mail with descriptions for all images along with a thumbnail of the image so I can relate which is which.

If mailing me something, send to:
145 Dwarfskill Ct
Milford, PA 18337

If you have any questions, feel free to call or email me. Thanks for considering working with me. I'm excited to see all your lovely pieces.