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This site has an overview, the book's full Table of Contents along with photos of all included projects, and additions that didn't make it into the publication. It also lists some comments and reviews.

Please note that after two printiings (one hardcover and one softcover) the book if out of print. However, it is still available for sale at the places listed below. Note: in general, the book is now selling at a premium:

Overview Statement
"The Art of Fine Enameling" is 160 pages of enameling basics, tips and tricks, 21 projects of traditional and contemporary techniques with step by step instruction and photos, over 170 photos of finished enamels from 71 contemporary enamelists, and a comprehensive troubleshooting section. It was first printed in full color on glossy pages and hard bound. the second printing was in paperback. This book is published by Sterling Publishing Co., Inc. New York - A Sterling/Chapelle Book. The technical editors are Tom Ellis and j. e. jasen. The retail price on the hard cover is $24.95 and the softcover is $17.95.

Comments and reviews have been wonderful. Marilyn Tendrich says: "Seldom am I so impressed by a book that I feel you absolutely must have it, but I can’t imagine anyone interested in enameling not having it." Bill Helwig says: "The Art of Fine Enameling, is destined to become very popular." Ellen Goldman says: "This hard-cover, full-colour, well-presented book is cramped with outstanding photographs. I found it a joy to see, to read and even to discuss it in this review."

  • Forward - written by Lloyd E. Herman, founding Director of the Smithsonian Institution Renwick Gallery in Washington, DC
    enameling, cloisonne, vitreous enamel, plique a jour
  • Preface - written by the author, Karen L. Cohen
    enameling, cloisonne, vitreous enamel, plique a jour
  • Enameling, Then and Now - some history and a "glossary" of enameling techniques pointing to samples of the technique and the projects on how to create them.
    enameling, cloisonne, vitreous enamel, plique a jour
  • Enamelist's Tool Kit - description of the basic tools needed for all enameling techniques
    enameling, cloisonne, vitreous enamel, plique a jour
  • Studio Basics, Tips and Tricks
    • Safety First
    • Firing
    • Keeping Enamels in Good Condition
    • Grade-sifting and Particle Sizes - including how to grade-sift, how to name the various particle sizes, and what the various sizes are used for.
    • Cleaning Enamels
    • Test-firing Colors
    • About Enamel Colors
    • Computer-aided Designs
    • Metal Patterning for Basse Taille
    • Soldering and Fusing
    • Enameling Surface
    • Preparing Metal for Enameling
    • Cleaning Between Firings
    • Wirework
    • Applying Enamels
    • Counter Enamel
    • Working with Foils
    • Finishing
    • Mounting
    • Miscellaneous
      enameling, cloisonne, vitreous enamel, plique a jour
  • Projects - follow the link to a description and picture of each.
    enameling, cloisonne, vitreous enamel, plique a jour
  • Enameling Troubleshooting - comprehensive listing of possible problems and how to avoid them and fix them
    enameling, cloisonne, vitreous enamel, plique a jour
  • Appendix - Bibliography and more

These web pages provide an overview and some information that did not make it into the book (noted as Book Additions). These include a photo reference list, a list of how to contact the various project artists and more. If you own "The Art of Fine Enameling," you can print out these additions to store with your copy. If you don't own the book, maybe you will be enticed to do so.