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Donations to EG/NE

I belong to the Enamel Guild/NE - each year or two, with items provided by our members, we make a mural and donate it to a hospital or equivalent place. Here are the pieces that I've made and donated. The photo to the right shows our logo which we had cast, and then each of us can enamel it ourselves; I made mine into a pin.

You can click on this link to see the murals that the pieces below are part of. I started donating in 2000 so I'm in most of the murals, but not the first two.

2009 Donation. This was for the 100th Anniversary of the Newark Museum, where we meet for our conferences.

4"w x 3"h of Art Deco style (museum building is Art Deco). All in leaded enamels. Lady's head etched in copper. Black overglaze and lusters used. Crimped fine silver wire and blue varigated glass beads on top.

2008 Donation. The theme was "Garden of the Imagination".

3" x 4" copper tile with reticulated gold and silver foils, gold foil dragon fly and P3 underglaze painted to look like a Chinese Brush Painting of a vining flower.

2005 Theme: Rhapsody in Blue / Orange

3" copper tile with unleaded crackle enamel, gold leaf and gold decals.

2003/4 Theme: Riches of the Rainforest

3" copper tile with unleaded enamel, gold and silver foil, lumps, beads, flower wafers, silver overglaze and varigated lumps.


2001 Theme: To Everything There Is A Season

The resulting mural is a healing mendella doanted to Sloan Kettering.

The theme was from Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 : "To everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose under heaven..."

My interpretation:
  • Central Yin Yang - balance of life
  • 4 Directions - Native Am. healing; each section thus formed has the colors of one season and a design element:
  • Sprial of life (fall)
  • Life Line (winter
  • Trine - leads the spirit towards growth; it is an elevation of the personal spirit as it relates to this existence, a rising from the earth. (spring)
  • Circle - The Circle not only calls forth polar energies; it pulls them together and resolves them (summer)
  • Choku Rei (engraved at bottom) - Reiki Power Symbol - put power here


2000 Theme: Designs & Patterns Of Our Lives

I have a (stylized) woman's symbol whose center is a specialized ying/yan, an oriental flower (I'm into oriental art, the background is a basse taille of swirls (I'm a very high energy person), the border brings the flower stem into a circle (all things come back to the beginning), silver balls on the buds (I love granulation work) and purple in the piece (my favorite color).

This cloisonne had 23 firings. The last inlcuded the application of fine silver balls to the "buds" in the outer frame of the tile.