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Database for Button Tracking

Many button collectors would like to be able to track buttons and button trays. The best way to do this is a relational database as opposed to a flat file. A relational database xxx.

My career was in software development and I am working with a database developer to define this system for button collectors. Below is what I have defined so far. If you want more or really dont' think you need something, please email me and let me know. This system is for you!

Files Needed:

These are the files for a relational database. If you don't understand what this is, don't worry right now. And just go to the Button File definitions.

  • Button Defintiions
  • NBS Class Numbers – taken standard from the Blue Book, but allow more for collector-defined
  • Dealer info for those you buy from
  • DF definitions
  • Focal pictorals
  • Keywords
  • Location definitions
  • Materials
  • OME definitions
  • Selling info for those you sell to (could be a dealer)
  • Shape Definitions
  • Shank Types - from blue book
  • Studio Artists
  • Techniques
  • Tray Definitions

File Defintions


    • ID field - some way to identify the button. Best to use a number, but how to label?
    • Color
    • Count - how many of this button you have
    • Photo fields for front and back -  The file for the photo should start with the identifier.
    • Description
    • DF (multiple fields)
    • Material - What main material it's made out of. It's possible that this is covered by the Category section
    • NBS Class Number - section number of the blue book it falls in. This should allow for multiple fields as many buttons fit into more than one category
    • OME (multiple fields)
    • Size: Dimi, Small, Medium, Large, XtraLarge
    • Studio – yes or no
    • Studio Artist
    • Shank - yes or no
    • Shank type
    • Shape
    • Color
    • Age or possibly year created
    • Border - Y/N
    • Border Type
    • Backmarked – Y/N
    • Backmark Symbol – what the backmark is
    • Focal Pictoral - allow mulltiple fields so a bee could also be listed as an insect
    • Location - use this for which tray or drawer or ??? you have stored it. If it's attached to a Tray record, then that Tray name will show up here
    • Technique - allow for multiple
    • Keywords - allow multiple for sorting
    • Art Style - or this could be included in Keywords
    • Estimated Value
    • Buy Button:
      • Who you bought it from
      • What you paid for it
      • When you bought it
    • Sold Button:
      • Who you sold it to
      • What price you sold it for
      • When you sold it
    • Notes field - Info about the button(s) that is not part of the description. ex: book it was shown in with page reference
    • Awards Entered
      • Show name
      • Year
      • Won – yes/no
      • Award won (ex: 1st, 2nd, 3rd)


    • ID
    • List of Buttons on the tray