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STudio Button Comments

Here are some comments from my collectors. They make me feel really good and I appreciate all of them. There is no particular order to these...

  1. Mermaid came and she is stunning. I love the shell choices with her and she just feels she is in her under water element. Job well done as always. Thanks so much. MH
  2. I got my buttons yesterday and they are FABULOUS!!!!!! You do exquisite work! JJ
  3. It [spider button] is outstanding one of my all time favorites [she has collected 13 of my buttons] for sure. I am so drawn to it in every way! MH
  4. The elephant button came yesterday, and it is really lovely. I love the way you beaded the tree. It is a wonderful addition to my elephant buttons, and I can't wait to show it to the rest of my club. JO
  5. I received the fantastic button Friday and I love it - thanks so much. It is really a piece of art - I love the pleated silk ribbon and the Snail "bead" and all the other beads - you did a fantastic job - thanks so much. I also want to let you know that you do a great job with the "one of a kind - description" - card [of Authentication]- exstremely well done. MK
  6. Thank you, Karen. As I drove the 1100 + miles home, I can honestly tell you that your mermaid button (now my mermaid button) was one of the two favorite buttons I bought at the show (National). I had just purchased an expensive button (my other favorite) and said “no more”. Then I saw yours, went to the washroom, and said “I HAVE to have that button! I just love it!” I am SO thankful I bought it!!! AD
  7. Your button (fairy) was my favorite find at National. I know I will be ordering more from you in the future. I'm sure it will be the wowzer on my tray at the state show in March. It was great to hear from you. WB
  8. Your work continues to amaze me. MH
  9. The Buttons [we ordered] arrived this evening and I really don't know what to say. Exquisite is the best I can do. Beautiful, absolutely Beautiful. I'm so happy we found you and look forward to more of your work. BL
  10. You do such beautiful work and I am pleased and proud to own a few of your pieces. SM
  11. It’s here [umbrella button] and I love it! Now if only we could have some rain to go with it. Enjoying my new favorite button. SR
  12. I just got home to my fantastic, fantasy button!!! I love it!!! It is magnificent, front & back!!! This button will make the whole tray! Your’re so creative and patient...thank you so much for sticking with this project! Beside being the most unique, this is the largest button in my collection! MS
  13. You did a beautiful job of photographing your buttons and presenting them on the website...but WOW. They are even more lovely in person. All that intricate beading and the tiny fishing fly. The day I picked them up at the post office I took them directly to show to a button friend at her place of work. That's how excited I was about them! I haven't tried putting one on a chain yet to wear. That's a unique idea and I may try it. I will definitely cherish these little treasures and they will be an important part of my button collection. I will want to get an example of your enamel buttons, too and will keep an eye on your website." JS