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STudio Buttons - Gourds -
Series, Sets, limited editions & Open Editions

Here are buttons that have already sold Series or Editions. See here for a definition of each.

If the series/set/le is still open but none are currently available, please email me to discuss one made for you.

This page has Gourd Buttons. Go here for the Archive of Beaded Buttons, Archive of Enameled Buttons and here for the Archive of a sampllng of one of a kind buttons.

Table of Contents

One of a Kind

tennis racket gourd button


Pyrography on a gourd piece with focal yellow metal pair of tennis rackets, using glass beads, 3 purple CZs and mica ink. Extra Large (about 2.75" high) $45


Open Series - Feathered Gourd #3147

Feather realistic using pyrography on a gourd with artificial sinew and glass beads, a 3-hole sew through. Large; $40 for larger ones and $35 for smaller ones

Feather button


Feather button

$35 2" H

Feather button


Open Series - Persian Pickle #3149

Oval shaped gourd piece with paisley design. Each in the series will be priced separately. Large

paisley gourd button

Focal multi-paisley design, using glass beads, mica paints, glue, nylon thread and pink cubic zirconias; 3-hole sew-through; about 3.5" wide $65


Open Series:
Darning Needle's Playground #3153

Focal of a dragonfly created by pyrography (burning) using glass and flower beads, CZs, paint and mica powders and ink as a three-hole sew through. Large Pricing depends on the button.

dragonfly button on gourd




Limited Edition of 5
Sunflower Burst #3160

Pyrography on a gourd piece with focal of a Sunflower, using glass beads, a metal bird bead and CZs with DFs paint and mica powder. Large $60

sunflower button


sunflower button