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Beaded Spirit Doll

Healing Doll for Kidney Transplant

#2535 - Healing Doll for a friend with a Kidney transplant

Inside Message:

May you be wrapped up in God's love.
Found deep in His everlasting wings.
Carried and kept, safe and cherished.
May the healing power of God
Breathe across your being now.

Misc items included:

  1. Antique Blue Buttons - because you love antiques
  2. Faerie - becuase you’ve always loved these
  3. Heart - because you are loved
  4. Jewish Star - represents your religion which means a lot to you
  5. This doll includes Bead Emboridery and Needle Felting techniques



  • Amber – helps cleanse the body and can stimulate the bodies systems to kick in gear and assist self-healing on all levels
  • Amethyst - aid with anxiety
  • Butterfly - for long life
  • Charoite - aid in dispelling confusion
  • Hematite - cleansing the blood of toxins and to protect against negative energies.
  • Malachite - help wtih chemotherapy
  • Kyanite - to balance body/mind/spirit - align the chakras and for peace in your heart
  • Pearls - Encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty; helps with stomach, digestion and emotional stress
  • Raki Healing symbol - beaded on the back
  • Rose Quartz Heart - for self love and love of others
  • Sunstone - courage and helps to eliminate fear
  • Tiger Eye - courage and helps to eliminate fear