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Beaded Spirit Doll

If you roll your mouse over a doll, you can see it's back.

2031 FriendshipDoll

#1521 - Friendship

Inside Message:

Friends are like bras
Supportive - they never leave you
Hanging - they make you look good
And they are always close to your heart


  • Butterfly - Long life
  • Citrine - Abundance
  • Flower - growth
  • Hematite - grounding
  • Kyanite - to balance body/mind/spirit - align the chakras
  • Opal - Enhances your ability to communicate what is in your heart
  • Pearl - harmonize one's life with the rhythms of the natural world; can be used to help tap inner wisdom and to nurture the growth of love
  • Rose Quartz Heart - for self love and love of others

Chinese Symbol on Back

Loyalty - the character for chung, meaning both “loyalty” and “patriotism”, shows a ‘heart’ beneath a pictogrammatic representation of an arrow piercing a target through its ‘center’. This shows that loyalty - whether it is to country, person, or principle - means having a centered heart. A heart that is in the center is a heart in the right place. (from “The Spirit of the Chinese Character” by Barbara Aria with Russell Eng Gon