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Beaded Spirit Doll

If you roll your mouse over a doll, you can see it's back.

Healing Doll

#1516 - Healing Eye Goddess

Inside Message:

May the Universe support your healing process.


Enameled Face is on copper, using reticulated foils technique, unleaded enamels, gold decal, flower wafer and fine silver wires and ball.

Healing Stones:

  • Amethyst - combat anxiety
  • Carnelian - nourishes and vitalizes your entire being, bestowing optimism and enthusiasm for life
  • Charoite - courage and to eliminate confusion
  • Florite - cleansing
  • Garnet - stone of health; helps dissolve negagtive energy.
  • Hematite for grounding and protection
  • Kyanite to balance body/mind/spirit - align the chakras and for peace in your heart
  • Lapis - for the eye chadra
  • Malachite to help with detoxification and against tumors
  • Pearls - Encloses you with an aura of calm and beauty; helps with stomach, digestion and emotional stress
  • Quartz - amplifies all that is tryng to be done
  • Red Jasper to help heal cancer
  • Reike symbol for healing on the back, in one of Marilyn’s favorie colors
  • Rutilated Quartz to aid the immune system and help with radiation
  • Tourmaline - attract inspiration and dimish fear by promoting understanding


  • Butterfly - represents long life
  • Eye - to ward off evil
  • Flower garden - Love of flowers and gardens
  • Gardian Angel to watch out for you
  • Germany - vintage German beads (translucent yellow/orange winged one)
  • Glasses - represents sunglasses becuase you need to protect your eyes sometimes
  • Hearts because you are loved
  • Hemash Hand to represent your jewish heritage
  • Locket with Marilyn’s photo (person who commission this doll) in it - when you hold this doll for comfort, you will have your very good friend with you always
  • Rose Quartz - love and self love
  • Sandal - Love of the Beach
  • Turtle for creativity
  • The doll body is a Shibori dyed fabric that Karen made, used because you are special; the edging of the doll is done with Karen’s favorite bead.