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Welcome to my 2013 Bead Journal

The theme in 2013: Journal a holiday for each month. These will be done on a 1.5" shank button using the bead embroidery technique. I am a Studio Button Artist using various techniques, bead embroidery being only one.

The name of the series is Holiday Celebration. They are for sale for $40 each. Note: all my beaded buttons can be used a pendants. If you would like to purchase one, please email me.

If you click on any image on this page, a larger version will be displayed in a separate window. The themes below are my first shot at what I will do, but note that these could change as I progress through the year.

Inauguration Day

Inauguration Day - 20th

Celebrates President Obama's second term in office. This day officially is Jan 20th, but that's a Sunday so the swearing in is on Jan 21st. This button uses a ceramic Democratic Donkey and glass beads, on cotton. Dim: on 1.5" shank, meausures 1.75" without fringe.

Valentine's Day

Valentine's Day - 14th

Celebrates Valentine's Day with a focal base metal "stone" saying "KISS" in Chinese on one side and English on the other (not shown), using glass beads, pearls, aluminum roses and a metal heart, on cotton. Dim: on 1.5" shank, meausures 1.75" without fringe.

4 Leaf Clover

St. Patrick's Day - 17th

Celebrates St. Patrick's Day with focal green resin 4-leaf clover with ladybug, glass beads, holographic sequins and resin Leprechan hat dangle. A Poem for the focal piece: A ladybug brings luck for happiness and good fortune, too. The four leaf clover brings extra luck in all the things you do. Dim: on 1.5" shank, meausures 1.75" without dangle.

Tree Arbor Day

Arbor Day - 26th

Celebrates Arbor Day with a pearl flowered tree in glass beads, on cotton. Dim: on 1.5" shank, meausures 1.75".

Mother's Day

Mother's Day - 12th

Celebrates Mother's Day with a tribute to Mother Earth. The focal woman head is a metal button with pearls hearts from the waters, Malachite from the land, glass beads, aluminum rose, lucite flower, holographic sequin and Swarovski Cyrstal Sequins, on cotton. Dim: on 1.5" shank, meausures 1.75"

Father's Day

Father's Day - 16th

Celebrates Father's Day with a focal metal heart saying Love. The background is an old silk tie of my husband's (with an Ebru marble design) - a typical Father's Day gift. This button has 3 borders using glass beads. Dim: on 1.5" shank, meausures 1.75".

July 4th

Independence Day - 4th

Celebrates 4th of July with focal metal USA and Flag in resin using glass beads and Swarovsky Crystal sequins, on cotton. Dim: on 1.5" shank, measures 1.75"


International Friendship Day - 4th

Celebrates International Friendship Day with focal metal and rhinestone flower piece that I was given by a friend, using metal hearts (for love of friends) and glass beads, on painted silk (dyed by artist) that I was taught by a friend to do. Dim: on 1.5" shank, measures 1 7/8"

International Day of Peace - 21st
Halloween - 31st

Chanukkah - 27th

Christmas - 25th


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