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Bead Journal Project - 2008

March 2009 - 7th in series

March colors are for Buddhism - Burgandy and Golden Yellow with accents of gold, silver, black, white and Flower colors (all the centers and temple have flowers). I follow the teachings of Kadampa Buddhism, which inspired this piece.

Special this month:

  • The machine embroidery is The Precious Fish - one of the 8 auspicious symbols in Kadampa Buddhism. It represents harmony and peace.
  • I've included 4 wooden beads that came from a mala (Buddhist prayer beads) that a friend gave me and I restrung and substituted the 4 beads in my mala so i used the original 4 here.
  • The etched copper is enameled and is the Wheel of Dharma (Dharma being the teachings of Buddha). I also made this element.

New on this piece:

  • Ribbon Embroidery!!!! I just love it! I recently saw someone do this and just had to learn. I bought a book and this is my 1st attempt.
  • I used 4mm Swarovski crystals around the edging.
  • I made a bead out of Swarovski crystals using right angle weave and a netting stitch.


March 7th in series


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