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Bead Journal Project - 2008

February 2009 - 6th in series

February colors are red and black with an accent of gold and white.

Special this month:

  • I've included a Cloisonne that I have made - Cloisonne and Basse Taille on fine silver, roll printed with a wavey line pattern with gold foil with fine silver twisted wire and balls and gold overglaze on top; using leaded vitreous enamels.
  • Iincluded is a bead made by African women - it is paper and is used as the stem of the Cloisonne "arrow"

New on this piece:

  • As a variation to the corkscrew fringe, the one I have added has 6 rows of peyote added to it. I saw a photo of this fringe on the net and it took me 3 tries to figure it out. I love it.
  • Normally I finish my bead embroideries with a picot edging stitch. This month I used a 6° without the picot and then went around again adding a picot (3-15°s) into everyother 6°.
  • I followed the swirls on the fabric. This is really the 1st time I've made the fabric design part of my piece - usually I'm just inspired by the colors and movement. So, all the swirls that end with a red heart are designs in the fabric.

February BJP 2008

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