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Bead Journal Project - 2008

November 2008- 3rd in series

November colors are all those rich colors of the Fall - reds, yellows, oranges, browns and green.

A note about the embroidery: I bought a design that was about 6" tall. I used my software to pull out the elements I wanted and made an arrangement for the piece.

Special items:

  • A removable pendant made of carved carnelian and a bead I made from PMC (Precious Metal Clay). They are wired together and hang on a small lobster clasp that is attached to the piece.
  • I love the carved wood button on the right side and this was from Wal*Mart - you never know where you'll find something wonderful.

New on this piece:

  • Feathers - first time I'm using these in a bead embroidery


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