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Welcome to my 2008 Bead Journal

The theme this year is "Mirror Mirror on the Wall" - a color study. Each month I made a 5" mirror wall piece with a different color theme. The colors reflected what I was doing and how I felt. I also included a machine embroidery each month as this was new to me (note: I did adjust many embroideries with software to make some of them my own). The challenge for me was to 1) explore new color themes and 2) to use something new that I've never done before on each piece. A few of these are highlighted on the embrodery site whree I got some of the patterns.

Note: I beaded the back of the mirror so the wall piece will hang with the mirror towards the wall (so much better to see the beads!). Click on the image to see it larger and information about it.

September 2008

Purple, Blue, Rose
October 2008

November 2008

Fall Colors
December 2008

Winter Colors
January 2009

Pink and Green
February 2009

Red, Black, Gold and White
March 2009

Buddhist colors -
Burgandy and Golden Yellow
April 2009

Purple and Yellow
May 2009

Spring Colors
June 2009

Crazy Colors
July 2009

Summer colors
August 2009

Purple, Green, Copper
and a splash of Red

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