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Bead Journal Project 2007

April 2008 - 11th in series

Theme: My Favorite Art Forms

This month I decided to honor the art forms I love (thus the heart bead) to do:

  • Enameling - although I specialize in the Cloisonne technique, I do create with others. The one on this piece is a crackle enamel on copper with a purple luster on top with gold foil flecks.
  • Chinese Brush Painting - I have only been doing this a short while (under 2 years), but really enjoy it. After the Four Gentlemen (the 4 basics to learn all the keystrokes), I started doing other images. Shown here is an owl that I am putting into a picture with yellow mums. I started doing this art form thinking I could add this to my enamels. However, the brush strokes are not the same, but I can get a visual that looks like they are. Check out this donated piece and this first test of the technique.
  • Beading, of course. This is represented by the copper filligree and the beautiful iridescent bead on top of it.
  • Scrapbooking - I really loved this when I first started. Then I made a scrapbook for my baby cousin and got burnt out. But I love to use the technique to make cards and signs and would make more scrapbooks, should I have a special occasion. This is represented by the fancy metal brad (looks like star or flower) under the enamel in the center.


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