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Bead Journal Project 2007

January 2008 - 8th in series

Theme: Wow - We're all turning 60...

2008 is the year my high school class, mostly born in 1948, turn 60 years old. This month helps celebrate for all of us with...

  • Rose Quartz and Rutilated Quartz inside the "60" - helps in Aging
  • Lapis - helps arthritis
  • Green Tourmaline - helps broken bones
  • We are from the Flower Power generation of the 60s, hence the flowers, the heart for Love and the Kyanite for Peace

My sister is dealing with cancer right now so...

  • Hematite for protection
  • Red Jasper to aid against cancer
  • Malachite for detoxification and aid with tumors
  • Rutilated Quartz to aid the immune system and help during radiation

I just got this new fabric with gold butterflies on it... Butterfiles are for long life so this fits with both my themes.


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