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Bead Journal Project 2007

November 2007 - 6th in series

Theme: I am thankful...

November is the month of Thanksgiving and I wanted to remember the things I'm grateful for:

  • The love of my family and friends (the heart), especially my mother (Cloisonne bead from a necklace of hers) who taught me so much and encouraged me in what I wanted to do and gave me art lessons when I was young
  • The Beauty of nature, both animals (dragonfly) and plants (the flower)
  • The warmth of the sun (sun charm) - I love to be outside when it's warm and I can feel the power of the sun being absorbed into my body
  • The Spiritual guidance of Kadampa Buddhism (6-pointed star) that has come into my life
  • My natural ability in computers (resisters - those striped things by the heart) that allowed me to have a career in something that I truly enjoyed and excelled in
  • My artistic ability (the whole piece)
  • My finding Robin Atkins work (the ring bead) to inspire me into working with bead embroidery



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