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Bead Journal Project 2007

October 2007 - 5th in series

Theme: My 59th Birthday

The 15th of this month is my birthday. So, this piece celebrates ME!

  • In Maine, I found the button of a woman to represent me - my hair is cut kind of spiky
  • I've included a dragon and a paisley because I love both of these
  • There are some flower beads because I love my garden
  • I have cooking utensils because not only do I love to cook, but so does my sister, Susan and we love to cook together
  • The opal, which is my birthstone, and is a stone of creativity, encouraging the flow of creative energies
  • The turle represents creativity and I got it when my husband, Stephen, and I went to Woodstock, NY for my birthday
  • The pearls are included because my sister has taught me to love them and they provide a vehicle for advancing states of wisdom and help you be a clearer channel to receive spiritual guidance (hope will help with the Buddhist teachings I am not involved in)
  • The carved bone beads because my friend, Claudia, gave them to me and I love them
  • My favorite stitch is used - the fan
  • And, of course, my favorite bead is used - the fushia lined aqua ovelay bead around the woman in the middle


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