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Bead Journal Project 2007

September 2007 - 4th in series

Theme: My 25/30 Anniversary & Beading a Buddha statue

This month I'll have been married 25 years / 30 living together. To celebrate, my husband, Stephen, and I went to Cove Haven, one of our favorite places. We've been there enough to be "Forever Lovers" - so I scanned our pin, laminated it and beaded it on! The beads surrounding the Cove Haven heart number 25 and the beads holding it on count 5 - the number of years we are celebrating. I've also included a Rose Quartz bead for Love.

My other important event to journal is that I beaded the clothing for a Buddha statue. Follow my link for more information. The item to represent this is the bone bead with a crystal and size 15 seed bead that is by the Love charm - this construct was on the clothing I beaded.



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